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Penalties From July 15, 2016 Girls Night Out Program

#06 SK Light Modified, driver Keith Caruso-
Infraction- Contact with the #07 during the heat race.
Penalty- Sent to the rear of the running order under yellow.


#33 Ltd. Late Model, driver Robert Bloxsom, III-
Infraction- Bringing out an intentional yellow flag.
Penalty- Given a pit road pass through penalty once the green flag was displayed.


#59 Ltd. Late Model, driver Matt Clement-
Infraction- Brought out an intentional yellow flag.
Penalty- Given a pit road pass through penalty once the green flag was displayed.  Car #59 did not complete the pass through penalty and was showed the black flag for three consecutive laps before his car was stopped being scored.


#13 SK Modified, driver Ted Christopher-
Infraction-Unapproved tire usage during qualifying competition.
Penalty- Repositioned to last starting position in feature line up.


#59 SK Modified, driver Ron Williams, Jr.-
Infraction- Ride height infraction during pre-qualifying and pre-feature courtesy checks (verbal warnings given), and post-race inspection.
Penalty- Repositioned to last in the finishing order of the feature.

Pre-qualifying and pre-feature ride height inspections are a courtesy check for the teams to help prevent failed post-race ride height inspections. Teams are notified of the results of these inspections and are expected to correct the discrepancies.

Post-race ride height checks will be performed following these guidelines:
The car will be checked as it comes off the track.
Teams may not touch the car at any time.
The car will be stopped at the ride height check line, and the gauge will be slid under the body and frame rail area.
If the ride height gauge does not fit under the chassis or body panel, we will roll the car back and then forward up to the checking line and try again.
If it still fails, we will check for the minimum tire pressures in each tire using the tech officials’ tools. Once we have determined or adjusted the proper air pressures as listed in the rule book, we will check the chassis height again.
If it still fails, we will station the tech staff accordingly and permit the driver to make one lap around the paddock area barn to resettle the chassis, then we will roll it up to the check line and do one final pass/fail inspection. If the car has visible damage that may contribute to a change in the original ride height, and it can be reasonably attributed to that event, then the ride height process may be waived, per sole judgment of the SMS tech officials.