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September 22, 2017 DARE Stock Feature Results

DARE Stock Feature
Race 16 of 17 – 15-Laps
September 22, 2017

14George Bessette, Jr.
29Johnny Walker
35Brandon Michael
43Dave Secore, Jr.
511Mike Hopkins
612Phil Jacques
715Meghan Fuller
86Travis Hydar
97Vince Gambacorta
102Chris Bagnall
1112Nick Bendiak
1220Chris Kuczo
1313Richard Ciriello
1416Rob Sears
1518Gary Spinnato, Sr.
1617Paul Bourdon, Jr.
171Chuck Harrison
1810Greg DeMone
198Nicole Chambrello

Did Not Start: William Desjardins

DARE Stock Contingency Winners

1st Place – George Bessette, Jr. – $75.00 from Wild Thing Karts


2nd Place – Johnny Walker – $50.00 from Jeff Ramsey Carpentry


1st Place – George Bessette, Jr. – $25.00 Certificate from N.E. Racing Fuel

2nd Place – Johnny Walker – $25.00 Certificate from N.E. Racing Fuel

3rd Place – Brandon Michael – $25.00 Certificate from N.E. Racing Fuel

Highest Finishing Rookie – George Bessette, Jr. – $25.00 Fuel Certificate from N.E. Racing Fuel

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