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Stafford Speedway’s DARE Stocks Offering Tight Championship Race Heading Into May 15 Xtra Mart Xtra D Feature

05-08-15-VLDS(Stafford Springs, CT)—As Stafford Motor Speedway’s DARE Stock division prepares to take their turn in the spotlight with a 20-lap Xtra Mart Xtra D feature this Friday night, the division has produced a tight championship battle through the first three races of the 2015 season. The top-4 drivers in the points standings are separated by only 10 points, or 5 positions on the track.

Leading the way are three second year drivers, Dan Dembek, Tyler Trott, and Trace Beyer along with last year’s DARE Stock track champion Frank L’Etoile, Jr. Dembek currently leads Trott and Beyer by 4 points with L’Etoile, Jr. 10 markers behind. The drivers are looking forward to the challenge of 5 extra laps and racing for the Xtra Mart bonus money of $250 that will split among the top-5 finishers in this Friday night’s feature.

“It’s great that Xtra Mart offers the bonus money to the top five and it gives us a little extra motivation to go out and do our best,” said Beyer. “Not that we need any extra motivation but it gives us something extra to look forward to and try even harder.”

04-25-15-VLDS“The Xtra Mart extra money is good but the extra laps and experience is also important for me,” said L’Etoile. “If I want to move up someday, getting those extra five laps is worth something in learning how to pace yourself. I definitely want to thank Xtra Mart putting that bonus money up for us again.”

“This is going to be great,” said Trott. “We’re going to have more time on the track than a normal Friday and we just have to dial the car in, put some tires on it, and go for the win. Same thing for the Xtra Mart bonus money, we’re going to go for it.”

The three second year drivers have each taken a turn visiting NAPA Victory Lane during the first three races of the 2015 season while L’Etoile has yet to win a race. All four drivers have scored top-5 finishes in each of the first 3 races and they have set themselves up to be part of a great championship race throughout the remainder of the 2015 season.


“So far, it’s been pretty good,” said Beyer. “The car has been handling good right off the bat and like Tyler said in victory lane last week there’s four or five cars in the division that are all pretty fast and it’s going to be a lot of fun to race with those guys the rest of the season. The goal for us is to win some more races and stay around the top-3 in points and hopefully we can be a contender for the championship. We have to keep working hard to get to that point but I think we can definitely do it.”

“This year has been super fun,” said Trott. “My goals last year were to get up front and get a good finish in the points and we’re doing that this season. Hopefully we can keep up our consistency for the rest of the year. We’re going to take things one week at a time and keep our focus on things and not let that win rattle us. The big goal is to stay in the top-5 in the points and hopefully we can be a contender for the championship at the end of the year. The top-5 cars in the division have all stepped their games up and we’re all pretty close in the points right now.”


“I don’t feel left out,” said L’Etoile. “We’ve been in the top-5 each race so far and that’s right where we want to be. We’ve been running old scuff tires so we should be pretty good when we put new ones on the car. We’re very happy with how the season has started off. There’s a lot of racing left to go and hopefully we have nowhere but up to go.”

This Friday night’s DARE Stock Xtra Mart Xtra D race is the second of five Xtra D features to be held during the 2015 season. The Xtra Mart Xtra D Series continues with the Limited Late Model Xtra D on May 29, the SK Modified® Xtra D feature will be June 19, and the SK Light Xtra D feature will be July 3. The SK Lights and Ltd. Late Models will each split $500 among the top-5 finishers while the SK Modified® Xtra D will split $1,500 among the top-5 finishers.

For more information, contact the Stafford Motor Speedway track office at 860-684-2783 or visit us on the web at www.staffordspeedway.com.