2019 NAPA Fall Final Vintage All-Stars Entry List




Owner: El Herbert
Driver: El Herbert
Original Driver: Joe Hurley
Car History: Raced at Wall Stadium


Owner: Kevin Bacik
Driver: Kevin Bacik
Original Driver: Tony Hirschman
Car History: Car ran in Wall, NJ and all the big NASCAR races. Winner of the ROC race in Oswego and Pocono. Truex's dad drove the car after Hirschman left the Frenche team in 1986. Doug Wile drove it in the 1990s


Owner: Jim Kelly
Driver: Jim Kelly
Original Driver: Jim Kelly
Car History: A tribute to the Jim Kelly Chevrolet Vega Modified which campaigned at various Long Island Speedways and other tracks and appeared at the 1980 Spring Sizzler.


Owner: Don Howe
Driver: Don Howe
Original Driver: Don Howe
Car History: 1984 Islip Speedway and Riverhead Raceway Modified Championship Car. Raced at Stafford Motor Speedway and Thompson Speedway with Carl Zeh as the owner at that time. The car was restored by Don Howe, Carl Zeh, Joe Bertuccio, and crew. Currently racing with the Long Island Vintage Auto Racing Series.


Owner: John Distefano
Driver: JD Distefano
Original Driver: John White
Car History: John White raced 5 races in Riverhead with it then used it as his #3 backup car and he only raced 1/2 mile in New Smyrna, FL.


Owner: Jocelyn Laliberté
Driver: Jocelyn Laliberté
Original Driver: Richie Evans
Car History: Tribute Car to Richie Evans


Owner: Frank Saladino
Driver: Frank Saladino
Original Driver: Frank Saladino
Car History: Built as a street rod/vintage racer as a tribute to Richie Evans. Used as a pace car for the Evans memorial race at Riverhead Raceway. Won a Vintage Feature at Riverhead Raceway in June 2018. Off season it is converted back to street legal and driven to car shows and local events. Engine is a period correct L-88 Big Block Chevy bored to 440 cu in built by McBetts Racing. Car is a two seater often used to give a ride to an interested fan.


Owner: Art Merchant
Driver: Art Merchant
Original Driver: Buzzie Bezzanson
Car History: Car raced at Pine Speedway, Lee Speedway, and Hudson Speedway


Owner: Ken Southard, Sr.
Driver: Ken Southard, Sr.
Original Driver: Bill Cummings
Car History: Home built Troyer copy; built in 1978, ran the Northeast


Owner: William Miller
Driver: Mark Miller
Original Driver: John Meade
Car History: John & George Meade ran at Islip and Riverhead Raceway and had a good relationship with Richie Evans. After John wrecked his car, Richie Evans lent them a chassis and this car is a tribute to that car due to the rarity of the Evans chassis.