2020 Pro Late Model Open Rulebook

2020 Pro Late Model Open rules

The rules herein shall refer to “Stafford Motor Speedway” as SMS.

The SMS 2020 General Rules will apply for this event unless specified by SMS officials or management.

Upon entry into SMS, all participants agree to be knowledgeable and bound by the contents found in these 2020 Divisional rules and the Stafford 2020 General Rules. These rules supersede and replace any contrary rules as posted by any other sanctioning bodies.

Participants are required to register their car number for the Late Model event. Participants can either contact the Stafford Motor Speedway Office (860-684-2783) or register online at www.staffordspeedway.com.

A non-refundable registration fee must be submitted.

The minimum age for competition in the SMS Pro Late Model Open is 15 years of age.

A car may not compete in two different divisions during the same race event.

The feature will have a draw for qualifying heat starting position, and will use a plus/minus system of handicapping from the qualifying results for the 26 car (maximum) feature starting line-up.

Teams are required to use helmets for each of their five team members (maximum) that are allowed to go over the pit wall for any car service.

Drivers must have a suitable HANS, NexGen, Hutchens, or Simpson Hybrid type head and neck restraint device.

All cars must have a fire suppression system installed.

The interpretation and application of SMS Officials decisions concerning any rules or references during and after each event is final and unappealable.

Please see the SMS 2020 General Rules for additional safety rules and procedures.

Each cars spotter must be in the designated spotters area and monitoring 464.5000 during their qualifying and feature event.

All cars must have a working transponder installed 12” rearward of the centerline of the rear axle housing.

My Laps America                              www.mylaps.com                                678-816-4000
Waddell Communications                 www.waddellcommunications.com    860-573-8821
Racing Electronics                             www.racingelectronics.com                 800-272-7111
Hoosier Tire East                               www.hoosiertireeast.com                     860-646-9646
New England Racing Fuel                 www.neracingfuel.com                       860-679-5555
Gaston Race Enterprises                    www.gre6.com                                    860-646-1166
Race Control Channel #1                    Pro LateModel Open                           464.5000

Approved Engine Seals-

  1. GM New Manufacture Seal
  2. Ford New Manufacture Seal
  3. RUSH Racing Series
  4. Ingram Racing Engines Secondary Verification Seal
  5. RPM Seal Alliance
  6. Crate USA
  7. I.M.C.A
  8. ACT approved service centers
  9. S.E.A.L

All Engines must be located so the forward most spark plug is no more than four inches (4”) Rearward from the centerline of the upper ball joint.

Option #1- Gm ZZ4 Engine 

2650 lb minimum total weight, 58% maximum left side weight, 6600 RPM Maximum.

This engine option must be used in factory produced form without modification.

ACT legal sealed engine will be permitted.

P/N 12551483 Stock Valve Spring.

P/N 25534354 Oil pan may be replaced with either of the following part #s:

  • CV1106LTRB, CTR-102, 8 quart oil pan
  • Moroso parts #21319, and #21315
  • CP106KORB with matching p/u assembly
  • Champ CP106KORB with factory form without modifications.

Harmonic balancer may be changed (min. 5.7” dia)

ADD 40 lb for cam, lifter, and 1.6 rockers Change


Option #2 604 GM Engine
Factory Stock or SPEC Rebuild 604 GM crate engine #19318604 or 88958604 2700 lbs Minimum total weight, 58% maximum left side weight, 6600 RPM Maximum.

These engines are sealed at the intake manifold, cylinder head, front cover, and oil pan with special twist off bolt heads originally from GM.

Engines “must” be sealed in all of the above stated locations with either the “original” GM twist off bolt heads, “original GM Barcoded Cup Seals”, or authorized rebuilder seals. Only RUSH, S.E.A.L, RPM Seal Alliance, Crate USA, I.M.C.A, ACT seals will be honored.

No changes or modifications are allowed to the engine or its components, including the intake manifold, heads, valve covers, front cover, oil pan, harmonic balancer, or any other part or parts on or in the engine.

Sealed motors may utilize approved 6 1⁄2” oil pan and aftermarket balancer.

Option #3 GM #88958604 Engine
GM #88958604 CRA UPDATES

2800 lbs minimum total weight, 58% maximum left side weight, 6800 RPM Maximum.

The above engines must be raced as produced by the Manufacturer or within the rebuilder guidelines EXCEPT WHERE NOTED IN THESE RULES.

Option #3 GM engine may utilize 1.6 rocker arms, GM valve spring kit #12586484,

Comp Cams valve spring kit #941-16, Champ Oil Pan # CP106LTRB, and may have the balancer replaced with an SFI approved aftermarket balancer.

The GM engine may also use the Chevrolet Performance Fast Burn upgrade cam part #24502586.

Motors must contain the proper S.E.A.L. seal tags.

Option #4 Ford M06007-D347-SR Engine
Ford crate engine Ford M06007-D347-SR

2875 lbs minimum total weight, 58% maximum left side weight, 6400 RPM Maximum.

All motors must comply with the Ford Performance Handbook Issue Date January 30, 2018, Revision #11.

Exclusion: The Ford D347 Engine may utilize the KEVKO Oil Pan and Pick-up

#F201 & F201-1, as well as an SFI approved aftermarket balancer.

The Ford M06007-D347-SR Engine may not utilize a carburetor spacer.

SMS reserves the right to modify car weight requirements as deemed necessary for competition.

Option #1 Gm ZZ4 Engine: 2650 lbs minimum total weight, 58% maximum left side weight, 6600 RPM maximum.

Option #2 604 GM Engine: 2700 lbs minimum total weight, 58% maximum left side weight, 6600 RPM maximum.

Option #3 GM #88958604 Engine: 2800 lbs minimum total weight, 58% maximum left side weight, 6800 RPM maximum.

Option #4 Ford M06007-D347-SR Engine: 2875 lbs minimum total weight, 58% maximum left side weight, 6400 RPM maximum.

Holley 650 HP #4150-80541, Holley 650 HP #4150-80541-1, or Holley 650 HP #4150-

80541-2 carburetors permitted. Must be gauge legal.

May use one carburetor spacer (1″ – one piece with 0.040″ tolerance maximum) and two standard paper gaskets (maximum 0.070″ thick), one gasket between intake to spacer and one gasket between spacer to carburetor.

Carburetor spacer may not protrude down into intake manifold.

Note: The Ford M06007-D347-SR Engine may not utilize a carburetor spacer.

Digital programmable or crank trigger ignitions are not permitted

Ignition boxes must be MSD or Crane type boxes with either a rev limiting chip or rpm limiting adjuster.

All adjustable rev limiting ignition systems will be set and sealed in pre-practice and pre-race tech by a Stafford Motor Speedway official. Likewise all rev limiting chips will be installed and sealed in place during pre-practice and pre-race tech by a Stafford Motor Speedway official and will be subject to post race inspection.

All ignition box wiring and plug connectors shall be easily accessible for inspection.

Ignition boxes and rev control units shall be mounted in the right side front of the driver’s compartment well out of reach of the driver.

Ignition box shall have an easily accessible weather pack or “deutsch” 6 pin wiring harness connector to enable Stafford Motor Speedway officials to plug in and tech ignition boxes and rev control devices.

No automatics allowed.

Must have at least 2 working forward gears and 1 working reverse gear.

The driveshaft must be a minimum of 2” (inches) in diameter.

All drive shafts must be painted white.

One 12v to 16v battery is permitted.

All cars must have a starter in working order.

A clearly marked main electrical cut off switch must be mounted in the driver’s compartment  and easily accessible to driver and safety crews

Only Sunoco Racing Fuel purchased at/from Stafford Motor Speedway is permitted.

Standard (commonly referred to as 110 and/or purple) or CRATE ‘91’ will be the

specified fuels permitted for competition, no mixing.

Fuel will be tested as part of post-race inspection.

Teams that have pre-registered may call Hoosier Tire East and order their race tires to have set aside for them at the track on race day.

The tire rule will be a Hoosier P25 compound for left side tires and a Hoosier P48 compound for right side tires with a quantity of six (6) registered to each team.

These six tires must be purchased at Stafford Motor Speedway on race night, and will be scanned in to our tire inventory system.

You must have four of those six registered tires on your car at all times during qualifying and feature events.

Competition tire changes are permitted, but you must use only your six inventoried tires.

Flat tires/damaged rims will be dealt with on a case by case basis, per your pit road official.

Change tires will be marked for easy identification.

Traction control of any type is not permitted.

Maximum tread width, front or rear, is 76 inches, measured from bead flange to bead flange of wheel, or 66 inches as measured by the SMS referee.

Track width will be measured at hub height.

Crews are permitted to “set” the suspension (kneel on the bumper cover) before tread width is measured.

No one is permitted to be touching or pushing down while the measurement is being taken.

All cars must have a 22-gallon maximum fuel cell consisting of a rubberized bladder with a fill plate that meets or exceeds FT3 specifications housed in a minimum 22 gauge steel container.

The fuel cell must be mounted behind the rear axle assembly between the rear tires and be a minimum of 8 inches above the ground.

Wheels must be magnetic steel.

Maximum bead width is 10”.

Lug studs and lug nuts must be magnetic steel.

Bleeder valves are permitted.

A commercially manufactured magnetic tubular steel frame, straight rail or perimeter late model stock car must be used.

The wheelbase must be 101″ to 108″.

The main roll cage must be a minimum of 1-3⁄4” x .090 steel tubing.

The main frame rails must be a minimum of 2x3x .090 box steel tubing.

Must have a minimum of 4 horizontal driver’s side door bars 1-3⁄4” .090 steel tubing.

Must have a 1/8″ steel or 1⁄4″ aluminum driver’s side door bar plating.

Any ARP or 5- STAR ABC or straight up body (ABC Monte Carlo, Impala, Fusion, Charger, Camry).

Five Star Gen 6 Body Approved with a 25 lbs penalty.

Any non-conforming or down force enhanced body type will receive a minimum 100lb weight penalty if it is approved for competition.

All bodies must be mounted in an approved manner.

Cars must be maintained in a neat and clean manner.

Bodies must be complete with no missing panels.

Full front, rear and quarter windows must be used.

Full front windshield mandatory and must have appropriate vertical braces inside.

Full rear window mandatory. Quarter windows are mandatory.

Exterior rub rails / nerf bars are not permitted.

Nose splitters, wickers, wings or any other aero devices are not permitted.

Belly pans or front or rear under pans are not permitted.

Air deflecting devices of any type are not permitted.

The front (right and left) lower nose valance may not protrude out past the widest part of the tire bulge.

Bodies must be installed as supplied, complete, with no additional pieces permitted.

The following dimensions will be measured with the car sitting on 4” ride blocks:
A minimum roof height of 47”, measured in the center of the roof, 10″ back from windshield.
The rear quarter panel height of  34”-35.5” measured where the spoiler meets the top rear of the quarter panel, right and left side.
The front and rear overhang measured from the axel/wheel centerline to the forward most or rearward most part of the front or rear bumper cover will be 47″ maximum.

The rear spoiler may be a maximum of 60″ wide and a maximum of 6-1⁄2″ tall, must be centered left-to-right on the tail panel.

Side braces or forward struts are not permitted.

Front and rear suspension may be coil spring or coil over spring type.

Rear trailing arms may be of any unequal length and may use a spring or shock

Cockpit / driver suspension adjusters are not permitted.

Coil springs and spindles must be of magnetic steel construction.

Spring and shock bump stops and bump springs are permitted.

All bump stop configurations must be within the shock and spring dimensions.

One magnetic steel spring per wheel.

One aluminum or steel shock per wheel.

No Experimental shocks

Max shock pressure is 300psi.

4 wheel hydraulic brakes must be used.

The brake rotors must be magnetic steel.

Mufflers are required.

A maximum of 96 db is permitted.

The exhaust must extend behind the driver.

“Door exit” exhaust must use a flange at the door opening. Exhaust must be flush with door. Cars exceeding 96db will need to be modified prior to competition.

Car numbers must appear on both doors and roof of car.

Each number must be a minimum of 24” high.

Roof number must read from scorers stand.

Minimum 4” number must appear on upper right hand corner of windshield and in right

rear tail light area.

All paint, numbering and lettering must be neat in appearance.

All safety gear and safety equipment installation must be acceptable to SMS Officials.

Competitors are solely and directly responsible for the safety of their race cars and all associated equipment, and are obligated to perform their duties (whether as a car owner, driver, or pit crew member) in a manner designed to minimize to the degree possible the risk of injury to themselves and to others.

It is the responsibility of the driver and all crew members, not Stafford Motor Speedway, to ensure that his/her safety gear and all related components are approved and labeled, correctly installed, maintained and properly used.

Stafford Motor Speedway is not responsible for the effectiveness of any safety gear.

Please consult the current NASCAR NWAAS rulebook for the following safety items:

6-3 Personal Safety Equipment Recommendations -page 19

6-3-1 Recommendations for Helmets / Head and Neck Restraint Devices / Systems -page 20

6-3-2 Recommendations for Seat Belts -page 22

6-3-3 Recommendations for Seats and Seat Components -page 24.

Seats must be a commercially manufactured aluminum containment type seat.

6-4 Window Net Recommendations -page 26

Rules Disclaimer:
The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and, by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules.

No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from the publication of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official.

Stafford Motor Speedway Management / officials shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in their opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements.

No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alterations of specifications. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of Stafford Motor Speedway officials. Their decision is final and unappealable. On occasion when situations arise that are not covered by written rules, Stafford Motor Speedway officials may put special rulings into effect. Once such rulings are acted upon, they may become an act of policy and will be added to the existing rules of procedures.