51 Years of Tradition: 1975 Season

2010-1975-SEASON-FRONT1975 was a year of great controversy in the Modified division. Costs were beginning to spiral out of control so Stafford tried to take initiative and cut costs by creating a tire rule that would restrict tire width to 12 ½ inches. This was an attempt to stop the cost of engines from spiraling out of control. The theory was that if drivers could harness the power in a 200 horsepower engine with the narrower tire then there would be no need to have 500 horsepower engines. 12-½ inch tires would be much to small for 500 horsepower engines, therefore cutting costs for drivers.

The 1975 season began with a very exciting Spring Sizzler that saw the legendary Richie Evans win at Stafford for the first time after years of trying. A crowd of nearly 9,500 saw the top seven cars finish nose to tail, this labeled the new tire rule a great success. But drivers threatened to boycott, owners complained, and new drivers were rarely seen. Only 7 weeks after the successful Spring Sizzler the “Stafford Tire Rule” was shelved and big tires and big horsepower returned. After all the controversy had settled, it turned out to be a very exciting year with victory lane seeing many different faces for both the Modifieds and the All-American Sportsman’s.