Contingency Program

Stafford Speedway’s Contingency Program allows you to get involved in the racing excitement while still enjoying viewing the races with clients, employees, family, and friends.

How the Contingency Program Works:

A weekly monetary award is offered by you or your company for the first, second, or third place finishers in a specified division.  You can designate the SK Modified®, Late Model, SK Light, Limited Late  Model, or Street Stock feature events.  You may choose to require a decal (up to 32 square inches maximum) to be present on the winning race car to receive the award.

*** All contingencies must be paid to Stafford Motor Speedway in advance for prompt distribution. ***


Division1st2nd3rd# Of Races
SK Modified®$150$125$10022
Late Model$125$100$7522
SK Light Modified$125$100$7522
Limited Late Model$125$100$7522
Street Stock$75$50$5022

The Contingency Program Includes:

  • Company name announced before and after the sponsored feature event.
  • Company name listed in the PitStopper Magazine as a contingency sponsor including name, logo, and contingency dollar amount.
  • Company name listed on the SMS website contingency sponsor page.
  • Company listed under the links page on the SMS website.

Important Information:

  • Contingency commitments are for the entire season; 22 feature events are scheduled for the 2019 season.
  • Single event contingencies will be accepted for each division’s special event(s).
  • Contingency sponsorship is available to Stafford Motor Speedway advertising sponsors with at least a half page display ad or equivalent in display advertising.