eStafford Speedway iRacing Rules

Stafford eSeries iRacing Rules
Friday Night – Stafford Racers Live Streamed on Youtube

Wednesday Night – Non Stafford Driver Prelim Night

Event Dates:
Stafford Drivers: 4/3, 4/10, 4/17
Non Stafford Drivers: 4/8, 4/15
Entry Fees
Fees used to cover administration and live stream costs
Stafford Drivers: $15 for all 3 events
Non Stafford Drivers: $12 for 2 events
Race Format
For full race format please refer to iRacing league page
  • Car: SK Modified
  • Laps: 80 laps
  • Starters: 26
  • Setup: Fixed
  • Time Trials
  • 4 Heat Races – 10 laps (cautions do not count)
    • 5 Transfer from each event
  • 2 Consolation Races – 10 laps (cautions do not count)
    • 3 Transfer from each
    Driver Eligibility 
    • Stafford Drivers: Must have competed in an event at Stafford Speedway in 2019 or are registered to compete in a division/event in 2020
    • Non Stafford Drivers: open to any iRacer on the iRacing platform

    Prelim Night Transfer

    • Top 5 finishers from Prelim Night event (4/8 & 4/15) transfer to Friday’s event
    • Top 5 finishers will be invited to Friday’s event on the iRacing platform following the Wednesday night event.

    League Capacity Limits

    • Driver Race: Capped at 55 to allow for 5 transfer positions
    • Non Driver Race: Capped at 60 drivers
    Rules enforced by Race Director
    • No Resets
    • No Tire Changes
    • Initial start on green, restarts on leader
    • Restart Box will start in the middle of turns 3/4
    • Leader gets lane choice
    • Double file restarts
    • Any intentional wrecking results in DQ
    • 3 strike rule
      • Cause 1 yellow receive end of line penalty
      • 2nd yellow 1 lap penalty and end of line penalty,
      • 3rd yellow removed from server
    • Any driver that does not attempt to slow down for any wreck in front of them/behind them will be sent to rear or issued penalty based on situation.
    • Over aggression will not be tolerated and driver will be issued a penalty based on situation.
    • Radio chat disabled for 4 out of the 5 mins during time trials.
    • Arguing over race chat or bullying in any means will NOT be tolerated.
    • Drivers can only pit for damage
    • Top 3 to Normal Stafford victory lane following the finish of 80 lap feature
    Internet Connection Requirement
    If you do not have a strong internet connection do NOT join the event
    • If a driver is experiencing lag/connection issues they will be given 1 warning
    • If the lag continues they will be forced to drop to the rear
    • If lag/connection issues continue the driver MUST report to pit lane until the lag is corrected.
    • If a driver’s lag/connection issue causes an accident the driver must report to pit road until the lag is fixed.
    • Any driver who fails to meet the connection guidelines will be given a disqualification in the race.