Jon McKennedy Scores Lincoln Tech 100 Exit Realty Modified Touring Series Victory At Stafford Speedway

(Stafford Springs, CT)—The Exit Realty Modified Touring Series made its second visit of the 2017 season to Stafford for the Lincoln Tech 100. Taking the checkered flag was Jon McKennedy, who in the process took a clean sweep of the two Modified Touring Series events at Stafford this season.

Chris Pasteryak took the lead at the green but Eric Goodale quickly took the lead from Pastyerak. Woody Pitkat was third with Jon McKennedy in fourth and Tommy Barrett, Jr. was fifth in the early going. McKennedy was trying his hardest to get by Pitkat, running side by side for nearly 10 laps before falling back into line behind Pitkat on lap-17 as Goodale and Pasteryak were still out front. Ryan Preece was quickly working his way towards the front and he was now fifth behind Goodale, Pasteryak, Pitkat, and McKennedy.

McKennedy resumed his side by side duel with Pitkat for third and he was finally able to complete a pass and take over third on lap-25. Preece followed him past to drop Pitkat back to fifth in the running order as Goodale continued to lead the race with Pasteryak giving chase.

With 30 laps complete, the car of T.J. Bleau, who was running in seventh place and was in the top-10 for all of the 30-laps, suddenly dropped off the pace and pulled behind the wall as the caution came out. Steve Masse had a flat left front tire and came to pit road to change the tire.

Back under green, McKennedy took the lead but Preece pulled alongside McKennedy and McKennedy maintained the lead by only a nose. They ran side by side for two laps before Preece settled back into second behind McKennedy to plot another charge while Barrett was third with Goodale back to fourth and Rowan Pennink was up to fifth.

The order among the top-5 remained the same until lap-58 when Pennink got by Goodale to take over fourth place. McKennedy was still leading Preece and Barrett with Goodale, Pitkat, Richard Savary, Pasteryak, Ted Christopher, and Steve Masse making up the top-10.

McKennedy was starting to stretch out his lead over the field when debris on the track brought the caution flag out with 71 laps complete.

Under the caution, McKennedy, Pennink, Pitkat, and Masse stayed out on the track while the other leaders all came to pit road for a tire change.

McKennedy again took the lead on the restart with Pennink all over his back bumper in second. Pitkat was third with Masse in fourth and Dylan Kopec in fifth. McKennedy and Pennink had pulled away from Pitkat in third with 10 laps to go with Goodale back up to fourth after his pit stop and Les Hinckley was fifth. The caution came out with 92 laps complete as Masse, Ted Christopher, and Calvin Carroll came together and got into the backstretch wall.

The restart saw a multicar melee that involved the majority of the field to bring the caution right back out. McKennedy took the lead on the next restart with Pitkat, Savary, Barrett, and Mike Holdridge lined up behind him. McKennedy went unchallenged to the checkered flag to pick up his second consecutive Modified Touring Series victory at Stafford. Pitkat finished second with Savary, Barrett, and Holdridge rounding out the top-5.


15Jon McKennedy
23Woody Pitkat
315Richard Savary
410Tommy Barrett, Jr.
54Mike Holdridge
613Dylan Kopec
714Calvin Carroll
86Ryan Preece
912Les Hinckley, Jr.
102Eric Goodale
1117Andrew Molleur
1216Kirk Alexander
1318C.J. Lehmann
148Rowan Pennink
1511Steve Masse
169Ted Christopher
171Chris Pasteryak
187T.J. Bleau