Stafford Speedway Establishes 2021 Licensing and $33,000 Track Point Fund


(Stafford Springs, CT) Stafford Speedway officials have announced a $33,000 point fund along with plans for a new Stafford Speedway licensing program for Stafford’s 5 weekly divisions. The announcement comes on the heels of the recent announcement that Stafford will no longer be a part of the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series.

“We’ve replaced NASCAR licensing with Stafford Speedway licensing,” explained Stafford Speedway CEO Mark Arute. “Weekly drivers along with crew members will be required to hold a Stafford Speedway license. A portion of Stafford Speedway TV revenue will be used to establish a point fund for all 5 of Stafford’s weekly divisions totaling $33,000.”

With the departure from NASCAR, participants will no longer need to purchase a NASCAR license to compete at Stafford in 2021. All drivers competing in any of Stafford’s 5 weekly racing divisions will be required to hold a Stafford Speedway Driver’s License. Additionally any crew member that participates in infield pitting will be required to hold a Stafford Speedway Crew license. Stafford Speedway licenses can now be purchased online and are offered at a discount rate until March 1, 2021.

The 2021 Stafford Speedway point fund will increase over 60% compared to the 2020 NASCAR awards. In addition, instead of the top 5 in 4 of the divisions receiving awards, the Stafford Speedway Point Fund will include all 5 weekly divisions. The top 15 in the SK Modifieds and the top 10 in Stafford’s other 4 divisions will participate in the point fund. The 2021 point fund will be partially funded by Stafford Speedway TV sales which allocates 25% of every live stream purchased to Stafford Speedway competitors.

The point fund boasts $15,000 in prize money for Stafford’s SK Modified division, $7,500 for the Late Models, $3,900 for the SK Light Modifieds and Limited Late Models, and $2,700 for the Street Stocks.

“By going independent, we are excited about the new direction we are taking and are optimistic about the opportunities that we can pursue,” continued Arute. “The enhanced point fund will benefit 55 teams, instead of the 20 that were previously recognized. This is an effort to reward the teams that race at Stafford weekly. We believe that our weekly race teams are some of the best in the country and will continue to put our focus on strengthening our weekly series.”

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