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May 18, 2018 VMRS 80 Expected Entry List

Entry List Updated Thru Monday, May 14, 2018

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Number: #1
Driver: Keith Rocco
Hometown: Berlin, CT
Owner: Ted Anderson

Number: #4
Driver: Jeff Gallup
Hometown: Feeding Hills, MA
Owner: Gallup Racing, LLC.

Number: #6ma
Driver: Sam Rameau
Hometown: Westminster, MA
Owner: Rameau Family Racing

Number: #9
Driver: Bobby Drown
Hometown: Southington, CT
Owner: Bobby Drown

Number: #10
Driver: Joey Mucciacciaro
Hometown: Wolcott, CT
Owner: John Fredericks

Number: #12ma
Driver: Rob Richardi, Jr.
Hometown: Taunton, MA
Owner: Rob Richardi, Jr.

Number: #13
Driver: Cameron Sontag
Hometown: Sterling, MA
Owner: Steven Sontag

Number: #14m
Driver: Jeff Malave
Hometown: Manchester, CT
Owner: Jeff Malave

Number: #14T
Driver: Andrew Molleur
Hometown: Shelton, CT
Owner: Ted Anderson

Number: #16
Driver: Eric Goodale
Hometown: Riverhead, NY
Owner: Dominick Ceravolo

Number: #17
Driver: Donnie Lashua
Hometown: Canaan, NH
Owner: Jack's Competition Engines

Number: #20
Driver: Tony Ricci
Hometown: Westbrook, ME
Owner: Rick Czarnecki

Number: #21
Driver: Les Hinckley
Hometown: Windsor Locks, CT
Owner: Art Barry


Number: #22
Driver: Roy Seidell
Hometown: Easthampton, MA
Owner: Roy Seidell

Number: #23ct
Driver: John Montesanto
Hometown: North Branford, CT
Owner: Jason Sechrist

Number: #25
Driver: Rowan Pennink
Hometown: Huntingdon Valley, PA
Owner: Gary Casella

Number: #25ct
Driver: Anthony Flannery
Hometown: Easthampton, CT
Owner: Dave Etheridge

Number: #27
Driver: Derek Robbie
Hometown: Bellingham, MA
Owner: Douglas Robbie

Number: #27ct
Driver: Joey Cipriano
Hometown: Waterbury, CT
Owner: Steve Greer


Number: #34
Driver: Dave Etheridge
Hometown: Portland, CT
Owner: Dave Etheridge

Number: #40
Driver: Kyle Trayner
Hometown: Marlborough, MA
Owner: Kyle Trayner


Number: #45
Driver: Dan Meservey, Jr.
Hometown: Brewster, MA
Owner: Dan Meservey, Jr.

Number: #47
Driver: Dylan Rock
Hometown: Enfield, NH
Owner: Jack's Competition Engines

Number: #52
Driver: Woody Pitkat
Hometown: Stafford, CT
Owner: Steve Greer

Number: #63
Driver: CJ Bolton
Hometown: Weare, NH
Owner: CJ Bolton

Number: #66
Driver: Andy Shaw
Hometown: N. Conway, NH
Owner: David Weir

Number: #69
Driver: Jimmy Dolan
Hometown: Bethel, CT
Owner: Jimmy Dolan

Number: #76
Driver: Jacob Perry
Hometown: Pawcatuck, RI
Owner: Norm Perry


Number: #77
Driver: Matt Mead
Hometown: Richmond, NH
Owner: Ron Townson

Number: #79
Driver: Robert Bloxsom, III
Hometown: Stratford, CT
Owner: Scott Kimmer

Number: #83
Driver: Mike Willis, Jr.
Hometown: Grantham, MA
Owner: Mike Willis, Jr.

Number: #85
Driver: Ron Silk
Hometown: Norwalk, CT
Owner: Stuart's Automotive

Number: #92
Driver: Anthony Nocella
Hometown: Woburn, MA
Owner: Anthony Nocella

Number: #99
Driver: Richard Savary
Hometown: Holbrook, MA
Owner: Sam Kramer