NAPA Walks for Heroes at Stafford Motor Speedway


IntrepidFallenHeroesFundWhen NAPA stores of Connecticut and Southern New England joined Stafford Speedway as marketing partners in 2015 they also decided to take the opportunity to bring awareness and raise funds for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.  NAPA and Stafford Speedway held the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund Track Walk on Friday, July 17th, which helped raise $7,500.  The check presentation was made as part of the Fall Final Weekend pre-race festivities.

This group of 59 stores led by General Manager Geoff Watson, District Manager Kevin Hess, CT District Operations Manager Mike Wheeler and Sales Manager Spencer Abbott, launched the Inaugural NAPA Unites Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund Track Walk.

“When we partnered with Stafford Speedway at the beginning of 2014 we knew this would be a great opportunity to raise funds for a great cause” explained Watson.  “Stafford had done charitable track walks in the past and it was a perfect opportunity for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.”

In the first edition of the NAPA Track Walk at Stafford Motor Speedway, fans, drivers, and crew members took a break from the NASCAR weekly racing program to walk the famed half-mile track for fallen heroes. Each participant received an Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund tee-shirt and access to walk the track with a donation of $10.

“With the generosity of race fans and race teams we were able to raise $7,500 in the inaugural walk,” continued Geoff Watson.  “We are already looking forward to next year’s walk and the opportunity to raise more funds for all the heroes the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund supports.”