On This Date in Stafford History: May 6

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Ray Miller won the Modified feature, Paul Cianci won the Late Model Sportsman feature, and Bob Garceau won the Street Stock feature.  Miller’s win was the 4th Stafford win of his career and he would go on to record 10 more from 1980-1986 for a total of 14 modified wins.  Cianci’s win was his first of three LM-Sportsman wins in 1977 and would be the only Stafford wins of his career.  Garceau’s win was the lone Stafford win of his career.


Greg Sacks won the modified feature and Charlie Savage won the SK Modified® feature.  Sacks followed up his 1983 Sizzler win with another victory in the modified feature.  The win was the 16th and second to last modified win of Sacks’ Stafford career.  Savage, who was the defending SK Modified® track champion in its inaugural season, took his only win of the 1983 season and 7th of his career, which would be his second to last win at Stafford with his final win coming in 1985.

May 6, 1983 Modified Winner Greg Sacks

May 6, 1983 SK Modified® Winner Charlie Savage


Jeff Baral won the SK Modified® feature, Rick Lanagan won the Late Model feature, Eric Grant won the Limited Late Model feature, Joey Ferrigno won the DARE Stock feature, and Marc Atkinson was the winner of the Late Model 16 feature.  Baral’s win was his first of 2 wins during the 2005 season and was the 4th win of his career.  Baral would go on to win 2 more races in 2006 for a career total of 7 wins.  Lanagan’s win was the first of 2 wins he would record during the 2005 season.  Those 2 wins were the only Late Model wins of Lanagan’s career although he also won 4 DARE Stock races from 1998-1999 and 7 Limited Late Model wins, all coming during the 2007 season.  Grant was declared the winner of the Limited Late Model feature after Michael Bennett was disqualified for illegal rims.  It was Grant’s only Limited Late Model win at Stafford to go along with a DARE Stock feature win in 2004.  Ferrigno’s feature win was the first of three wins he would record during the 2005 season on his way to winning the DARE Stock championship.  Ferrigno has also won 3 Limited Late Model features and he currently has 16 SK Light feature wins and counting.  Atkinson’s Late Model 16 win was one of four wins he had in the 16 feature that season but he did not win a main event that year.  Atkinson has 2 career Late Model wins, coming in 2001 and 2005.​

May 6, 2005 SK Modified® Winner Jeff Baral

May 6, 2005 Late Model Winner Rick Lanagan

May 6, 2005 Limited Late Model Winner Eric Grant

May 6, 2005 DARE Stock Winner Joey Ferrigno

May 6, 1983 Late Model 16 Winner Marc Atkinson


Keith Rocco won the SK Modified® feature, Adam Gray won the Late Model feature, Matt Galko won the SK Light feature, Norm Sears won the Limited Late Model feature, and Don Wood was the DARE Stock feature winner.  Rocco’s win was the first of a division leading 8 wins he would notch that season, but he came up short in the race for the championship as Ryan Preece won the title by a 78 point margin.  Gray’s win was the first win of his Late Model career at Stafford and it would be the only race he won in 2005.  Gray has gone on to record 16 more Late Model wins and counting along with back to back championships in 2013 and 2014.  Galko was declared the feature winner after Zach Aszklar’s car did not meet the minimum ride height requirement, which the first of four wins in 2011 for Galko as he would go on to win his 2nd consecutive SK Light track title.  Galko has 8 career SK Light wins with the 2 championships and he has also notched 2 career SK Modified® feature wins.  Norm Sears’ win was the first of 2 wins he would notch during the 2011 season.  Sears has 5 career Limited Late Model wins at Stafford along with 10 DARE Stock wins and a 3-peat of DARE Stock titles, coming in 2006, 2007, and 2008.  Don Wood’s feature win was the first of 5 that he would record in 2011 on his way to the DARE Stock championship.  Wood has 12 career DARE Stock wins to go along with a Late Model feature win in 1991.

May 6, 2011 SK Modified® Winner Keith Rocco

May 6, 1983 Late Model Winner Adam Gray

May 6, 2011 SK Light Winner Matt Galko

May 6, 2011 Limited Late Model Winner Norm Sears

May 6, 2011 DARE Stock Winner Don Wood