Sponsoring a Race Car

Stafford Motor Speedway presents one of the most exciting and effective means of reaching potential customers by sponsoring a race team.  Throughout the race season, your business will gain exposure that has impact.  By sponsoring a Stafford Speedway Race Team your business will get more than just its name on the side of a race car.  There are many ways to maximize your exposure and reach Stafford’s brand loyal audience.


  • Driver introductions over our 8,400 watt audio sound system clearly identify each sponsor
  • Extensive print media coverage brings your business name into consumer’s homes
  • Radio exposure will identify your business as a short track racing sponsor
  • Photos and sponsor mentions in the PitStopper Magazine, our weekly event program book, and our www.staffordspeedway.com website, will maximize the effect of your sponsorship.
  • Promotional appearances by drivers, teams, and cars will draw attention to your business.
  • Hero Cards, Stafford’s version of baseball cards, can put your logo and business name directly into fan’s hands.
  • Stafford Motor Speedway Race Team sponsors receive preferential treatment when purchasing further advertising and hospitality services at the speedway.
  • Stafford Motor Speedway’s Stafford 150 and NAPA Fall Final 150 Whelen Modified Tour events are seen by thousands on NBC Sports Network.


  • Stafford’s brand loyal audience consciously support the businesses that support their favorite sport and race teams.
  • Stafford Motor Speedway’s large crowds and diverse schedule of events will allow your business to reach over 125,000 people annually.
  • Stafford Motor Speedway’s extensive media coverage will increase your advertising reach, allowing your business to cover a wider portion of the marketing area.
  • The use of several communication tools, including radio, newspaper, and public address system, guarantees your message will be thoroughly absorbed.
  • Your business will gain a larger profile among Stafford Motor Speedway fans.
  • Race Teams frequently travel throughout the region with their race haulers in tow and can spread your sponsorship with their travels.
  • Sponsorship can significantly impact your sales.
  • Team uniforms are one of the first noticed aspects of a Race Team and a great way to make a big first impression on race fans.