Stafford Speedway Internship Program

Be an intern at Stafford Motor Speedway!

Augment your studies, learn about live television production, live event planning, and be part of a great team of dedicated “in the field” creative professionals.

When do you intern?
Stafford Motor Speedway offers several internships each spring, summer, and into the fall.  The racing season officially begins April 26th and runs until September 29th. We look for interns interested to fill in as much time during these dates.

What will you do?
Eligible interns will assist the TV production aspect of the racetrack, with an emphasis on live event recording.  Camera work, video packages, non-linear editing, race-related statistics research, Audio engineering, Video engineering, Graphics work, and various reporting work are among some of the duties necessary to a successful race day.  Additional duties will inevitably arise throughout the course of the racing season. 

Who can Intern with Stafford Speedway?
Internship candidates must be matriculated in a college or university, should have academic coursework within the Communication field, or Marketing, and be a student in good standing.  Most importantly, candidates should have a deep passion and appreciation for the physical media/television field, with an emphasis on producing a quality broadcast. 

 Preferred Qualifications

  • Be able to work Fridays throughout the season (or until the internship has been fulfilled)
  • Basic understanding of what a TV studio control room is, and basic understanding of positions required to produce a show
  • Intermediate understanding of camera production
  • Ability to work under strict deadlines
  • Ability to govern your own amount of work

Apply today by emailing your resume and a brief description of your current involvement in Communication and/or marketing.
Please inform us of your interest in live event production, to help us in our selection of the best-fit candidates.
Email resumes to: jwyse7893@yahoo.com