Stafford Speedway Internship Program

Interested in Auto Racing, Sports Business, or Live Broadcast Production?

Intern at Stafford Speedway

Augment your studies, learn about live broadcast productions, and be part of a great team!

When do you intern?
The racing season officially begins April 24th and runs until October 1st. Events are held weekly on Friday Nights, interns have the ability to work on all events throughout the season. 

What will you do?
Eligible interns will assist the Stafford Speedway Production crew produce live broadcasts on FloRacing.com. Duties may include camera work, video editing, non-linear editing, race-related statistics research, audio engineering, video engineering, Graphics work, and various reporting work are among some of the duties necessary to a successful race day.  Additional duties will inevitably arise throughout the course of the racing season. 

Who can Intern with Stafford Speedway?
Internship candidates must be matriculated in a college or university, should have academic coursework within the Communication field, or Marketing, and be a student in good standing.  Most importantly, candidates should have a deep passion and appreciation for the physical media/television field, with an emphasis on producing a quality broadcast. 

 Preferred Qualifications

  • Be able to work Fridays throughout the season (or until the internship has been fulfilled)
  • Basic understanding of what a TV studio control room is, and basic understanding of positions required to produce a show
  • Intermediate understanding of camera production
  • Ability to work under strict deadlines
  • Ability to govern your own amount of work

Apply today by emailing your resume and a brief description of your current involvement in Communication and/or marketing.
Please inform us of your interest in live event production, to help us in our selection of the best-fit candidates.
Email resumes to: smsonline@staffordspeedway.com

Graduates of Stafford Speedway Media Program

  • Mike Joy – Fox Sports –  “Stafford was a very important step in my career.  Few sports facilities have such a wide variety of PR opportunities, new and varied marketing concepts, compelling stories and an imperative to develop new fans.  You’ll be challenged, but also given great opportunity to create and innovate.”
  • Jack Arute, Jr. – Sirius XM – “I tell everyone that expresses an interest in motorsports broadcasting that the path starts at a local short track. In my case, my time in Stafford’s Announce booth laid the foundation for an entire career.”
  • Mike Massaro – NBC Sports – “Early on, during my days at Stafford I saw an old door in a storage area. It was formerly used in the announcers booth. It had a star on it like you’d find in a Hollywood actors dressing room. Beneath the star were the names of the announcers. Men like Jackie Arute and Mike Joy. I thought to myself, that’s amazing because to me, an aspiring TV announcer, they were doing what I dreamed about. That door was an inspiration to me.  My experience at Stafford was that of an advanced internship program. An opportunity to work side by side with true pros. From them I learned something new every time I keyed the microphone with them; both about broadcasting and racing.  A word of advice given to me early on from Jack Arute, Sr. was to find a balance. Find a way to speak to the most knowledgeable race fan but simultaneously at a level the newest race fan could understand. It is something I continue to do today.  Stafford’s announcing program is not what you might expect at a weekly racetrack. What is standard for an MRN Radio broadcast is essentially standard at Stafford. The style, including turn reporters and pit reporters, very much resembles what I first experienced when I moved into national broadcasting. From my first audition in 1994 til this day, there are lessons I learned at Stafford from which I still benefit.”
  • Cory Posocco – V.P. NASCAR Events Group – “The opportunity Stafford Motor Speedway and the Arute Family provided me was invaluable to my career. You will be hard pressed to find another internship in sports that grants you the ability to learn, while substantially contribute towards, the operation, promotion and marketing of a storied NASCAR sanctioned sports facility.  Your internship will come with responsibility coupled with creative latitude that will serve you well.”
  • Kyle Rickey – MRN Radio – “My internship at Stafford Motor Speedway prepared me for working in the industry in so many ways. From learning how to organize special events around a race weekend to learning how to interact with the media that covers the sport weekly. I believe the opportunity to work with the broadcast team in several different roles, including pit road and booth announcing, was huge in helping me get to where I am today at the Motor Racing Network. I learned how the flow of and MRN style broadcast works and how to prepare for each role. My internship at Stafford Speedway was critical in my development and eventual growth in the sport.”
  • Joe Coss – Daytona Intl Speedway –  “My internship at Stafford was an invaluable learning experience. It provided me with the tools I needed to be successful in an ultra competitive industry and helped me develop the craft of being an announcer at the highest levels. I learned the rigors of production, which are skills I use on a daily basis as the Production Manager at Connecticut Public Television. In more than one way, Stafford’s internship program has defined my career.”
  • Eric Jones – DirecTV –  “Stafford Speedway gave me the opportunity to work on high quality programming without the glass walls that larger productions sometimes have. I was able to work on all aspects of the show and use the experiences I had at Stafford Speedway as a springboard into a career in Sports broadcasting.”