Stafford Speedway TV

StaffordSpeedway.TV Launch Announcement

Stafford Speedway TV website: staffordspeedway.tv


Regular Event: $20

Special Event: $30

Race Team Payouts

  • 25% of each Pay-per-view sale will be distributed to race teams competing in that event
  • You must qualify for the feature event to be eligible
  • Payout breakdown:
    • Payout will be distributed based on the number of laps that driver completed in that night’s event.
    • Example using Stafford Speedway Weekly Program using 20 cars per division
    • Division Race Laps Starters Total Laps
      SK Modified 40 20 800
      Late Model 30 20 600
      SK Light Modified 20 20 400
      Limited Late Model 20 20 400
      Street Stock 20 20 400
      Total 2,600
    • Total laps across all division is 2,600
    • The share of pay-per-view will be pro-rated based on the number of laps each driver completed in that event vs the total number of laps.
    • Example: 40 laps completed equals 40/2600 = ~1.5% of pay-per-view share
  • Payout will occur at the conclusion of the season
  • Driver must have a minimum payout of $20 for payout to occur.

Promotion Graphics

Please download and use these graphics on your website, social media page, etc… to promote StaffordSpeedway.tv!

Graphics will be updated periodically.