2023 SK Light Points Updated Thru July 28, 2023 - Race #9
339GEORGE BESSETTE, JR.350-608167
441TYLER CHAPMAN322-889257
510NICK ANGLACE322-889066
618TYLER BARRY302-1089146
744JASON CHAPMAN302-1089027
829CHRIS MATTHEWS274-1369125
92MEGHAN FULLER272-1389014
1009CASSANDRA COLE254-1569004
1116NICKOLAS HOVEY - R248-1629026
1282PAUL ARUTE230-1809004
1389TYLER ALKAS219-1918014
1476RON MIDFORD, JR.215-1958016
151BOB CHARLAND214-1969013
1615AMANDA WEST208-2029012
1728ZACH ASZKLAR144-2668001
1842STEPHEN KALOGIANNIS - R142-2689001
1951MATT BREWER - R130-2809000
2088FRANK L'ETOILE, JR.109-3018000
2198NORM SEARS108-3029000
2287JOEY FERRIGNO96-3149000
2375CASEY VOGT86-3249000
2474BRANDON MICHAEL68-3427000
2521SAMI ANDERSON66-3449000
2655PAUL ARCARI - R66-3449000
2719CHRIS VIENS63-3476000
2870WADE GAGNER59-3518000
2934DALTIN McCARTHY - R56-3549000
3145ED CHICOSKI48-3627000
3292DAVID WEBB44-3685000
334JACK BALDWIN - R42-3701011
3467WILLIAM LAMBROS26-3841000
3558ETHAN DUROCHER26-3843000
3652ANTHONY FORINO25-3857000
3735JOSH MORRISON - R17-3937000
3800TODD CLARK16-3944000
3917GLENN BARTKOWSKI12-3981000
405ANDY MARCHESE4-4062000
414LUKE BALDWIN - R2-4081000
4284BRANDON HUNT2-4081000
4378EVAN BOURGEOIS - R2-4081000
446BOB KING - R1-4090000
4526STEVE KENNEWAY - R1-4090000
R = Rookie Of The Year Candidate

50 points are awarded for first place,
Distribution is then decreased by 2 points per position.
1 point is awarded to all non-qualified cars who attempt to qualify.