2023 SK Modified Points Updated Thru July 28, 2023 - Race #10
181TODD OWEN402100510
285JIMMY BLEWETT396-610168
311CORY DIMATTEO392-1010167
424MIKEY FLYNN350-5210058
588MARCELLO RUFRANO342-36010256
621STEPHEN KOPCIK310-929256
722KEITH ROCCO300-10210236
899TYLER HINES294-10810035
933MICHAEL GERVAIS, JR.288-11410113
1075DAVID ARUTE262-14010015
1182MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER, JR.258-14410134
1231NOAH KORNER258-1449025
1316DYLAN KOPEC254-14810025
145RJ MARCOTTE254-14810013
1551ANTHONY BELLO250-1528015
163TROY TALMAN246-15610002
177JONATHAN PULEO232-17010003
1825ANTHONY FLANNERY228-1749004
191TYLER LEARY228-17410001
2014STEVEN CHAPMAN - R204-19810001
2123WESLEY PRUCKER178-22410001
2296CURT BRAINARD162-24010000
2327JOHN SANDBERG122-28010000
2428TEDDY HODGDON100-3023012
2545RICH GAUTREAU - R42-3603000
2609MICHAEL RAMOS - R38-3642000
2776TOM BOLLES20-3822000
2807JACK BALDWIN - R16-3861000
2936CHRIS JONES16-3862000
3012ART CARUSO12-3901000
316JEFF ROCCO10-3921000
3210DAN AVERY6-3961000
R = Rookie Of The Year Candidate

50 points are awarded for first place,
Distribution is then decreased by 2 points per position.
1 point is awarded to all non-qualified cars who attempt to qualify.