May 17, 2024 Stafford Weekly Racing Penalty and Tech Notices

#07 SK Modified®, driver Bryan Narducci
Infraction- Spotter issued multiple warnings for over aggressive driving. Contact with multiple cars.
Penalties- Scored as last car on the lead lap. Placed on probation for next event attended.

 #21 SK Modified®, driver George Bessette, Jr.
Infraction- Unsportsmanlike conduct, contact after the conclusion of feature event.
Penalties- $100 fine payable to Catherine V. Hubbard Animal Sanctuary Foundation via check. Placed on probation for next event attended.


Post Race Technical Inspection

The following items were checked in post-race technical inspection for the top-3 finishers:

    SK Modified®

    • Visual inspection of front rail

    Late Model

    • Front Geometry

    SK Light Modified – Race #1

    • Carburetor
    • Tread Width
    • Distributor
    • Right Front Wheel Bearing

      SK Light Modified – Race #2

      • Visual inspection of front rail

      Limited Late Model

      • Front Geometry

      Street Stock

      • Front Geometry