2016 SK Light Points Standings

Points Updated: October 8, 2016
posdriverpointsbehindstartswinstop 5stop 10s
1tony membrino, jr.704+261771113
2joey ferrigno678-261721213
3joe graf, jr. - r670-34171715
4jay goff638-66170512
5david arute - r624-80171812
6wesley prucker580-124170511
7dan wesson566-1381351011
8al wisialko - r530-17416049
9vinny anglace, jr.524-18016069
10carlos gray - r476-22817006
11ted cain444-26017024
12keith caruso - r388-31611049
13norm sears - r322-3829028
14fred nees, jr.304-4009027
15ryan charland - r300-40411003
16sean mandel - r276-4289002
17rit dulac260-44411001
18todd douillard246-4587044
19mark alkas222-4828002
20marcello rufrano - r208-4966123
21andrew les - r162-5427001
22nathan pytko - r148-5566002
23paul french146-5587000
24marc burke134-5705003
25andrew molleur - r124-5805002
26brett gonyaw106-5983012
27pete lopuch98-6064001
28todd clark42-6622000
29corey hutchings38-6661001
30glenn griswold36-6681001
31glenn bartkowski - r28-6762000
32jason lafayette22-6821000
33geoff nooney - r14-6901000
R = Rookie Of The Year Candidate

50 points are awarded for first place,
Distribution is then decreased by 2 points per position.
1 point is awarded to all non-qualified cars who attempt to qualify.