2017 Street Stock Points Standings

Points Updated: September 30, 2017
posdriverpointsbehindstartswinstop 5stop 10s
1johnny walker806+1241781616
2george bessette, jr. - r682-124171915
3vince gambacorta628-178161914
4travis hydar - r622-184171515
5chris bagnall618-188170614
6nicole chambrello542-264161511
7chuck harrison - r526-280170010
8mike hopkins512-294140711
9richard ciriello - r470-33617006
10paul bourdon, jr.448-35817002
11trace beyer434-37210289
12brandon michael406-40010068
13greg demone - r332-47411017
14rob sears - r294-51211002
15jake higginson280-52611001
16dave secore258-5486056
17nick bendiak - r224-5828003
18chris sanford216-5908003
19chris danielczuk - r134-6725001
20meghan fuller - r118-6883003
21phil jacques98-7083002
22david macha, sr.80-7263000
23chris kuczo - r50-7562000
24armand cote, jr. - r46-7602000
25bob king40-7662000
26cody paolella - r34-7721001
27dan kennedy - r34-7722000
28david zienka, ii32-7741001
29larry charbonnier - r30-7761000
30scott bouley30-7761000
31william desjardins - r28-7781000
32norman oney - r28-7781000
33michael barr - r28-7781000
34jim dusza - r26-7801000
35ken johnston - r24-7821000
36marvin minkler - r24-7821000
37tess beyer - r24-7821000
38kyle gaedeke - r24-7821000
39gary spinnato, sr.22-7841000
40maina rufrano - r20-7861000
41cassie rocco - r10-7961000
R = Rookie Of The Year Candidate

50 points are awarded for first place,
Distribution is then decreased by 2 points per position.
1 point is awarded to all non-qualified cars who attempt to qualify.