2019 SK Modified® Points Standings

Points Updated: September 28, 2019
posdriverpointsbehindstartswinstop 5stop 10s
1ronnie williams840+02051318
2todd owen840+02041319
3keith rocco826-142051418
4michael gervais, jr.800-402001318
5glen reen704-136201812
6stephen kopcik636-204202812
7michael christopher, jr.602-238200613
8tyler hines520-32020016
9andrew molleur - r516-32420127
10joey cipriano516-32419038
11eric berndt510-330172510
12david arute478-36220018
13marcello rufrano - r474-36620017
14tony membrino, jr.460-38020007
15cory dimatteo434-40618044
16matt galko418-42216017
17tyler leary - r399-44119001
18troy talman388-45219023
19dan wesson296-54414023
20nick salva274-56611015
21ed spiers267-57313000
22john catania168-67213000
23d.j. burnham154-6866003
24matt vassar148-69212011
25chase dowling140-7004013
26joey ternullo, jr. - r138-7027001
27dan avery122-7187002
28tom bolles100-7409000
29jeff malave84-7566000
30tyler jones - r80-7605000
31kyle james - r68-7722002
32anthony nocella68-7725000
33todd patnode52-7882001
34michael rutkoski - r51-7894000
35timmy jordan34-8061001
36dylan izzo30-8101000
37curt brainard30-8102000
38nick giardina - r29-8112000
39anthony flannery28-8121000
40frank ruocco26-8141000
41joe gada - r22-8181000
42mike christopher20-8202000
43justin albernaz - r18-8221000
44patrick yuhas - r17-8231000
45mikey flynn - r16-8241000
46john montesanto15-8251000
47kyle armstrong - r14-8261000
48kenny horton12-8281000
49fran siana12-8281000
50shawn thibeault8-8321000
51max zachem7-8331000
52robert goulet6-8341000
53chris jones5-8352000
54darin renihan5-8352000
55doug meservey, jr.2-8381000
56john studley - r2-8381000
57robert bloxsom, iii - r1-8390000
58noah korner - r1-8390000
59robert georgiades1-8390000
R = Rookie Of The Year Candidate

50 points are awarded for first place,
Distribution is then decreased by 2 points per position.
1 point is awarded to all non-qualified cars who attempt to qualify.