2023 Modified Open Registration

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  • Number registration for 2023 Open Modified events
    • 5/12/23 & 5/13/23 - NAPA Auto Parts Duel & 51st NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler
    • 5/19/23 - Call Before You Dig Open Modified 81
    • 6/16/23 - Casella Waste Open Modified 80
    • 7/7/23 - GAF Roofing Open Modified 80
    • 8/18/23 - Lincoln Tech Open Modified 80
  • Registration Fees
    • Discount registration for all 5 events until 4/1, $450
    • NAPA Spring Sizzler single event registration $150
    • Open Modified 80 registration $100 till week of event
    • Registration week of each event $125
  • Registration is non-refundable

RELEASE & WAIVER OF LIABILITY I certify that I am the person identified on this registration application and hereby apply for registration at Stafford Speedway, Stafford Springs CT, and for an accompanying registration to participate in motorsports events at said facility.

Upon acceptance of this registration by Stafford Speedway, Stafford Springs Ent. Inc., or any affiliate company owned by any principal (hereinafter collectively referred to as "SSE in this application), the undersigned hereby agrees that SSE shall have the exclusive right to use, without further compensation to the undersigned, their name(s), picture[s], likeness(es), picture(s) of vehicle(s), voice(s), and performance(s), or any part thereof, for any and all purposes and in any manner in connection with promoting advertising, recording reporting. broadcasting, producing and reproducing, or exploiting or benefiting in any way from SSE-sanctioned events, whether before, during, or after such event(s), including but not limited to photography, television and radio broadcasts, film productions, print and/or digital media. The undersigned understands and agrees that this exclusive right shall be freely assignable by SSE and that SSE exclusively and in perpetuity owns any and all rights to broadcast, transmit, film, tape, capture, overhear, photograph, and collect or record by any means all images, sounds, data, and the like arising from or during any SSE event and that SSE is the sole owner of any and all related intellectual property rights.
I am familiar with the rules of SSE and agree to abide by the rules as they may be amended from time to time, I understand that the most current version(s) of SSE rules will be available at the SSE website www.staffordspeedway.com. In addition, I agree to be bound by any and all decisions made by SSE officers, directors, agents, and employees, which shall be final and without recourse or appeal.
l understand that acceptance of this registration and accompanying fee by any official or representative of SSE does not necessarily constitute approval of the registration. I certify that I am either an independent contractor or an employee of another person or entity, and not an agent, servant, or employee of SSE, and I will retain such status of an independent contractor if my application is approved. Should my registration be approved and later terminated, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, it shall be without restitution of any part of my fee paid in connection with this application, and further, I waive any and all right or claims to any bonus money due me resulting from my racing efforts with SSE prior to termination. I waive any and all rights for myself, my agents, and assigns, to institute any action, suit, or proceeding against SSE for any act or action taken or not taken, or any refusal to act on the part of SSE or any of its employees, agents, or servants, or any persons for whose activities SSE may be responsible, arising out of the promoting, sanctioning, sponsoring, operating regulating, scoring rule making or decision making of any event. I agree that If, for any reason, I disregard terms outlined herein, I agree to pay all SSE costs for counsel and/or other costs associated with legal actions I may pursue. In consideration of acceptance of my application for membership by SSE, the undersigned, for themselves and their helis, successors, and assigns, I do hereby authorize SSE to withhold any monies owed to me or my authorized agent(s) or affiliate(s) for any unpaid obligations.
I hereby release, Indemnify, and waive liability of SSE and its officers, directors, and employees from any and all manner of action(s), cause(s) of actions, suit(s), damage(s), and claim(s) that the undersigned or their heirs, successors and assigns may have now or at any time in the future may have, arising in any manner from SSE events. I understand and agree that this application constitutes a waiver and release of any and all claims for personal injury, breach of contract, and any other loss or damage except as defined herein.

By submitting this registration application, I agree to abide by all Stafford Speedway rules and regulations.

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